Removing the Lotus Europa headliner


In many ways the interior of my 1970 Lotus Europa S2 is the worst part of the car. The dash is peeling as most of them do within a few years, the seats are split and the carpets are ugly. This car is 49 years old so this is to be expected.

The ugliest part and possibly the ugliest job is removing the old brittle headliner that is glued to the fibreglass. My car only had one sun visor and when I took it apart it’s easy to see why it was all floppy. The quality cardboard insert is a pile of dust… very nice. I may source some modern ones to replace these light weight Lotus specials.

Lotus Europa sunvisor turned to dust
Lotus Europa sun visor turned to dust

The headliner itself is very brittle and peeling away in the corners. This is the type of job best started with a couple of beers inside you, a dust mask, long sleeves and a shower at the ready.

Ugly Lotus Europa headliner
Ugly Lotus Europa headliner

This turned into a 3 beer job by the time I was finished. Lots of scraping first that brought down ugly foam that stuck to everything and then if that wasn’t fun enough, I sanded down the fibreglass to make it smooth. There’s nothing uglier than fibreglass dust floating around in a small space. I still get itchy thinking about it. But the job is finished, ready for a new headliner to be installed. One more job off the list.

Headliner removed from Lotus Europa
Headliner removed from Lotus Europa



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