Lotus Europa S2 and John Deere lawn tractor


I’ve always thought that Lotus Europas in green with a yellow stripe is a great colour combination although quite common as that is the colour of the early racing cars. Well, that’s not what I own but I do like my yellow Europa with a white stripe.

What I do own though is a green John Deere lawn tractor with a yellow stripe and yellow accents. How cool is that? My John Deere is far easier to get out of with the high seating position and actually handles fairly well with wider tires than the Europa. It’s a little low on horsepower however with only 26 HP to push you along. Amazingly, the power to weight ratio is very similar to the Lotus with the lawn tractor only weighing 524 lbs [237 kg]. A few engine modifications and a new gearbox could make it a screamer. Aerodynamics could become an issue but that could be solved later during testing.

Lotus Europa and John Deere
Lotus Europa and John Deere

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