Lotus Europa parts list


In preparation for my 1970 Lotus Europa S2 basic restoration I started to put together a purchase list. R.D. Enterprises has a decent selection of hard to find pieces for our old cars in addition to specially manufactured parts that are no longer easily available in NOS form so I used them to form the list. There are other Lotus vendors as well, located primarily in the U.S. and England.

The first thing I’ve noticed is how much more expensive Lotus parts are than MGB parts. Many of the parts are available elsewhere for less from vendors like Moss Motors and British Parts Northwest as they were borrowed from Triumphs, MGs and any other British car that had suitable pieces. Research is required if you want the best prices. The Golden Gate Lotus Club has a very good Lotus Parts Cross Reference.

I won’t be buying everything on this list until later and will likely be adding to the list as well. It adds up!

  • Facia Lettering Ref. 001B0235 – $14.00
  • Tail Lens Gasket Pair Ref. 50M6123/4G $14.00 pair
  • Tail Lamp Base Gasket Pair Ref. 50M6059/60G $22.00 pair
  • Speedometer Cable Ref. 46N6007 $93.00
  • 9mm Seloc washers Ref. 46E6077S $6.00/set of 3
  • Instrument Binnacle Ref. 54B1408 $74.00
  • Large Grommet Plug Ref. 26B0371 $15.00
  • Door Rod Clips Ref. 82U6267 $2.50 each   X4
  • Door Seal Ref. 54B1683A Europa S1/S2 $37.00   X2
  • Door panel trim clips Ref. 75W6062 $1.00 each  X8
Lotus Europa parts
Lotus Europa parts


  1. be sure to try sjsportscars among many others. As you said, lots of the Europa are “bins” parts from other British cars of the era (almost all of it actually other than the body). I’ve got a lot of experience chasing Elan and Europa parts, so feel free to contact me when you have your list. I’ve started a fairly comprehensive spreassheet of my latesst S2 Europa build inlcuding sournces, part numbers, prices, etc…. glad to share.


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