Let there be noise!


Crank the volume up and play the video above.These Hella air horns are loud but sound terrible. I guess the main point is to get attention so they will work.

When I purchased my Lotus Europa most things electrical worked most of the time. This is a Lotus after all. One potentially critical electrical gadget that seemed to have a mind of its’ own was the anemic horn. It would work some times, not work other times and when it did work it sounded like it should be installed on a pedal car at most.

Since I’ve been upgrading much of the electrical system replacing this anemic horn seemed like a good idea. Time to be heard!

I want to be heard but also don’t want to add tons of weight to my light Lotus so I purchased these snazzy Hella 2 Trumpet air horns at the local parts store for $70 Canadian Pesos. The compressor is quite heavy but the air horns are light weight plastic. We’ll see how that works out long term.

Hella Air Horns
Hella Air Horns

Installation was straight forward using the original horn circuit to activate the relay and powering the compressor with a new 10 gauge circuit. The only issue I ran into was feeding the positive wire into the front of the car. The original wiring harness is inside the right wheel well, a stupid place for wiring? I ended up drilling a few holes in the front pressure box and fed them through there. The ground stays within the front compartment and attached to the steering rack mount.

Here’s what the finished installation looks like. A little bit of red bling to liven things up.

Hella Air Horns in Lotus Europa
Hella Air Horns in Lotus Europa



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