Sceadu Design fiberglass plug

Producing fiberglass plugs, molds and finished parts

Many of our Lotus cars are primarily made of fiberglass. During the restoration of my Lotus Europa S2 I've been making fiberglass plugs for...
Old Lotus Europa S2 carpets

A new interior for my Lotus Europa

One of my winter projects is redoing the entire interior of my ratty Lotus Europa S2. I perhaps shouldn't call the Lotus ratty but...
Lotus Europa carpet and leather samples

Lotus Europa interior colour combination

I have started work on redoing the interior of my Lotus Europa S2 as the previous 50 year old vinyl and carpet were very...
Lotus Europa wood dash

Ripping out the Lotus Europa dash

Have I lost my mind? Both my Lotus Europa S2 and my MGB GT are now officially off the road for the winter and...
Smiths Lotus speedometer

A working odometer after decades?

When I purchased my Lotus Europa last year the car odometer showed 20,266 miles and typical of so many Smiths odometers didn't work. Needless...
Lotus Europa 0495R doors

Who owns Lotus Europa 0495R?

Lotus Europa S2 0485R was likely built at the same time as my car being one serial number earlier than my 0496R. It would...
JB SteelStik

My Lotus Europa is still leaking gas

The past few weeks I've been driving with a maximum of half a tank of gas as I've been slowly dripping fuel if I...
Ugly Lotus Europa headliner

Removing the Lotus Europa headliner

In many ways the interior of my 1970 Lotus Europa S2 is the worst part of the car. The dash is peeling as most...
Lotus Europa S2 fire

Another fuel leak for my Lotus Europa

Sorting cars that haven't been driven much in the past 20 years can be interesting. This is especially true when the car happens to...
Rusty Lotus Europa seat

Removing the Lotus Europa S2 seats

I don't have any plans to restore my 1970 Lotus Europa at this point but decided to pull the seats and at least clean...