Old Lotus Europa S2 carpets

A new interior for my Lotus Europa

One of my winter projects is redoing the entire interior of my ratty Lotus Europa S2. I perhaps shouldn't call the Lotus ratty but...
Lotus Europa carpet and leather samples

Lotus Europa interior colour combination

I have started work on redoing the interior of my Lotus Europa S2 as the previous 50 year old vinyl and carpet were very...
Lotus Europa wood dash

Ripping out the Lotus Europa dash

Have I lost my mind? Both my Lotus Europa S2 and my MGB GT are now officially off the road for the winter and...

Lotus Type 130 Evija

This should be fun! The new Lotus Evija. https://www.lotuscars.com/model/evija/
1971 Lotus Europa S2 interior

1971 Lotus Europa S2 for sale

This Lotus Europa sold for $27, 850 US. Someone bought a very nice ride. Are you looking for a Lotus Europa S2? There is a...

My Lotus Europa is famous

Well, maybe not famous but she does star for about 5 seconds in this video from the Portland Cars & Coffee held at the...
Appliance Rim with Lotus Badge

1970 Vintage Appliance Mags

I'm not too crazy about the rims on My 1970 Lotus Europa S2 but they are period. Long term I'll likely go with Panasports...
Smiths Lotus speedometer

A working odometer after decades?

When I purchased my Lotus Europa last year the car odometer showed 20,266 miles and typical of so many Smiths odometers didn't work. Needless...