Lotus Europa Emission Plate

Lotus Europa Vehicle Emission Control Information

The Vehicle Emission Control Information from my 1970 Europa.
Installing Europa engine cover lettering

Start with the loTus

I finally had the chance to look closely at the box of parts the previous owner of my Lotus Europa gave me. A new...
New Lotus badge

New Lotus badge installed

I purchased a new Lotus nose badge for my Europa from HethelSport in California. Their enamel badges are very nicely done and have an...
Walmart Driving Shoes

New driving shoes

One of the things I've learned in 6 months of Lotus Europa ownership is that the pedals are really close together. Of course this...

Let there be noise!

Crank the volume up and play the video above.These Hella air horns are loud but sound terrible. I guess the main point is to...
Lotus Europa Lit Third Brake Light

Installing a third brake light on a Lotus Europa

Lotus Europa's aren't the most visible car on the road, something I'm reminded of every time I pull up next to a Ford F350...
JB SteelStik

My Lotus Europa is still leaking gas

The past few weeks I've been driving with a maximum of half a tank of gas as I've been slowly dripping fuel if I...
Lotus Esprit Turbo fuel tank cap

1986 Lotus Esprit Turbo fuel tank caps

It's amazing how many small items have to be looked at when you start working on a car that hasn't moved in 25  years....