Cooking a Thanksgiving turkey on your car engine

Are you on a road trip this beautiful Thanksgiving Day? You can still have a fresh turkey for dinner.

My Lotus Europa with good company

I went to the Portland, Oregon Cars & Coffee today and my Lotus Europa was picked to be in the front special lot. Very...
Lotus Europa and John Deere

Lotus Europa S2 and John Deere lawn tractor

I've always thought that Lotus Europas in green with a yellow stripe is a great colour combination although quite common as that is the...
Walmart Driving Shoes

New driving shoes

One of the things I've learned in 6 months of Lotus Europa ownership is that the pedals are really close together. Of course this...
Crashed Craigslist Mustang

Crashed Mustang Craigslist ad

I couldn't resist a second Ford Mustang ad on Craigslist. 2010 MUSTANG GT500 - NEEDS TO GO - SICK OF MEMES
Lotus Europa danger zone

Lotus Europa at the Danger Zone

I couldn't resist taking this photograph as I was driving up the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. This fireworks store gives me crazy ideas...
1970 Lotus Europa S2

Artsy Lotus Europa photos

I photographed my Lotus Europa a few days ago while spending the night in Port Angeles, Washington. The town has some very cool murals...
Rain on Lotus Europa

I drove my Lotus Europa in the rain and….

A few nights ago I drove my Lotus Europa for the first time after dark. I didn't need to drive but figured I would...

Thread on the Ferrari Chat forum

Maseratis or Maserati's ??? Sorry to be pedantic, but I'm fed up with people referring to more than one Maserati as Maserati's. Maserati is...