Care and Feeding for the DOHC – Lotus Elan


Care and Feeding for the DOHC Lotus Elan
Care and Feeding for the DOHC Lotus Elan
Care and feeding for the DOHC

The sportsman who acquires any device of a high-performance nature, often finds himself host to an endless parade of maintenance expense. This traditional truth seems to apply equally to horses, dogs, women, and motor cars. As a result, the knowing enthusiast displays understandable concern when appraising any creature of uncommon capability.

In the case of the Lotus dohc engine, there appears to be a happy departure from this tradition. This exotic performer has a most conservative appetite for maintenance luxuries, and can be supported quite comfortably on modest means. A large portion of this attractive condition is attributable to the basic engine design. Low cube, high-tick engines require very busy valves. This mitigates in favor of an intimate relationship between valve and cam with the least possible amount of linkage.

The dohc provides a cam for each side of the head and the cam lobes drive directly on the tappet cups. This layout also permits an optimum form for the combustion chamber, and greatly improves breathing, thus utilizing the full capabilities of the twin Weber carburetors. All in all, one has a very tidy and efficient machine in the Lotus dohc, and one that should be running long after the hairy over-bores have cast their last piston.

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