Minseok Kang paints a Lotus Europa S2

Minseok Kang is a very talented painter from South Korea that produces among other subjects, classic cars. What's cool is that he also documents...
Lotus Europa danger zone

Lotus Europa at the Danger Zone

I couldn't resist taking this photograph as I was driving up the Olympic Peninsula in Washington State. This fireworks store gives me crazy ideas...
Lotus Europa in the snow

I drove my Lotus Europa in the snow today

I've always thought that a Lotus Europa would be fun to drive in the snow. One could let the tail hang out a little,...


Europa Restoration

Sceadu Design fiberglass plug

Producing fiberglass plugs, molds and finished parts

Many of our Lotus cars are primarily made of fiberglass. During the restoration of my...
Old Lotus Europa S2 carpets

A new interior for my Lotus Europa

One of my winter projects is redoing the entire interior of my ratty Lotus Europa...
Lotus Europa carpet and leather samples

Lotus Europa interior colour combination

I have started work on redoing the interior of my Lotus Europa S2 as the...
Lotus Europa wood dash

Ripping out the Lotus Europa dash

Have I lost my mind? Both my Lotus Europa S2 and my MGB GT are...
Smiths Lotus speedometer

A working odometer after decades?

When I purchased my Lotus Europa last year the car odometer showed 20,266 miles and...
Lotus Europa 0495R doors

Who owns Lotus Europa 0495R?

Lotus Europa S2 0485R was likely built at the same time as my car being...


Scalextric Lotus 77, March-Ford 771 and Tyrrell 008

Scalextric Lotus 77, March-Ford 771 and Tyrrell 008 slot cars

Scalextric made some great looking slot cars in the late 1970's. The set included the...
Lotus Elise V8

Lotus Elise V8 at Rechberg HillClimb 2019

This whole video is worth watching but for Lotus fans crank up the volume and...
Chaparral 2F at Monza 1967

Chaparral 2F of Spence/P.Hill – Monza 1967

What an era it was. It's interesting that the Chapparal 2F has a Texas road...

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